(Suggestion) paytm mall online shopping Offer – Free Prodcuts for old Users flashoffer

paytm mall offers

Paytm mall online shopping Offer – Free Prodcuts for old Users suggestion

Paytm mall online shopping Offer – Free Prodcuts for old Users suggestion. Yes now again back paytm mall and paytm loot you can loot free prodcuts from paytm and paytm mall. We have alredy looted lot of prodcuts from paytm and paytm mall using promocodes like firsttimelucky and welcome offers. 

Hello & Welcome To SMB Tricks. I hope u guys enjoying our Free recharge Shopping & Deals and Paytm Loot Tricks Post. Now Latest Trick here for paytm cash. Its Great Trick for fo discounted prodcuts loot.

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Paytm always coming with offers and now again paytm mall online shopping comes witha great offer. Now again back with great offer for every month so old and new users can loot again on every account on every month.

Now again time to loot and i am back with prodcut suggestion too so you can grab fast deals. This post help you grabing this deals faster and you can loot unlimted prodcuts everymonth on your old and new accounts.

Paytm mall online shopping

Yeah!! we always waiting for loots and again free prodcuts its so nice we love prodcuts loot and paytm also love users and orders so have great relation with paytm mall online shopping. Beacuase always paytm come with great offers and we love paytm shopping recharge and other services.

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Paytm is a great wallet now and its running no. 1 in india. We love and daily using paytm wallets features and now paytm mall also come and we using this. But we wants some discount on prodcuts and paytm understand this so now again paytm come with old user offer called Flash offer. so tricks is below how to get fre prodcuts from paytm mall

How To Get Free Prodcuts from PAYTM FLASHOFFER

Now time to loot and  i think 🤔 paytm  waiting for your order. But paytm dont know you want prodcuts free 😂😂😂But Dont worry you can take free prodcuts.

So here have a trick use this trick and loot huge of deals from paytm & paytm mall.

1, Firstly Open Paytm & Paytm Mall App

paytm mall online shopping

2. Sign in on your paytm account using Paytm Mobile/email and password.

3. On Paytm App Choose Deals Suggestion Given Below

4. Add to cart and Appy Promo Code – FLASHOFFER

5. Choose Delivery Adress and Make a Payment.

6. After Shipped product you will recived 100% cashback on Paytm Wallet.

7. Enjoy Free Prodcuts.

Note – Choose free shipping prodcuts for full cashback otherwise want to pay delivery charge and delivery charge not included on cashback. You can choose any deal where FLASHOFFER Promo codes applyed. You can this promocode on every month and can get 100% cb everymonth.

Paytm FLASHOFFER – Free Deals For Old User😍😍😍

Finger Spinner – Buy Here @ Free

Star 50 Psc – Buy Here @ Free

2 Pic Cup – Buy Here @ Free

Kitchen Jhara – Buy Here @ Free

Dinner Plate – Buy Here@ Free

Fork Spoon Set – Buy Here @ Free

Best Tea Strainer – Buy Here @ Free

Peeler (Top Brand) – Buy Here @ Free

David Martin Gold Aviators Sunglasses – Buy Here @ 39

Pack of 2 Wooden Ladles – Buy Here @ Free

Men’s Hawai Style FlipFlops & Slippers  – Buy Here @ 25

All Biggest Loot Suggestion – Buy Here

How To Order Unlimted Time 🤔

Its Very Simple here have alredy this offer for every month but its limted time period but we can enjoy this now and you can use unlimted accounts for order and grab unlimted time deals free. you can order on kyc and non kyc accounts below given trick how to recived and transfer cb on bank.

How to make payment on non Kyc Account ?

We know we can’t add money on wallet if our kyc is not done so qustion is how can i pay for our prodcut on using non kyc account.

So i have trick for you. You can pay for your prodcut if you non kyc user you will recived cashback on paytm gold account but you can enjoy and your gold money in bank trick below.

If You Non Kyc User then following al steps on payment page choose BHIM UPI option and pay via any upi like Google pay, Mobikwik, Paytm, Bhim, Phonepay etc. any upi app and enter your upi addres and click on pay.

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Open your upi app phone pay google pay mobokwik etc and pay and your payment hase been succesfuly done now enjoy.

After Shipping Prodcut you will recive your cahsback on paytm gold account.Below Trick How to transfer money on bank.

How To Transfer Paytm Gold Account Money On Bank

Its Too Simple and Yes you can transfer your money in bank just in 2 minuts. Steps Below

  1. Open Paytm App and Go To Gold Section.
  2. Finde Sell option under gold section.
  3. Enter price and your bank details and done
  4. your money will we recived in bank on 24 hour.

Final Discreption

Now Freinds this is trick you can get again free prodcuts from paytm & paytm mall using your old and new accounts on every month and also you can order unlimted time using unlimted accounts and i have posted trick also so you can make payment and can trasnfer money from non kyc accounts so use kyc and non kyc accounts and grab deals now.

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