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How to start a youtube channel for Your Successful Business Guide 2019

How to start a YouTube channel for Your Successful Business Guide 2019

How to start a youtube channel

People want to start own YouTube channel for business.

But They Think How to Start YouTube Channel for Successful Business.

People Earning from YouTube Channel and also earning name and money.

And If you want to creat a YouTube channel and start business from YouTube So You Can.

Todey in This Post i will teach you how to creat a YouTube Channel and how to make money on YouTube.


And I will Also tech you Step-by- Step how you can creat and monetize YouTube channel.

Lets Dive on post……………..

How to become a YouTuber and how to create a YouTube channel

If you thinking like how to become a YouTuber and how to creat a YouTube Channel.

So This Post for you only.

Its very easy but on YouTube want to patience and passion for creating video.

If you dont passionate about video creating on Your Niche so you can’t Success on YouTube.

You have passion about creating videos and uploading so you can this and you can become a successful YouTuber.

So think about it and find on your passion wich type videos you want to creat.

If You thinking About Money and starting YouTube Channel so leave now you can’t success on YouTube.

When You  go popular so you can earn lot of money but you can’t earn if you thinking first about money.

So On Short Form For a Successful YouTube Wants Passion, patience, happiness and energy for creating Videos.

Lets Dive on Basic Things…………….

Basic Things for  Starting YouTube Channel.

First Thing You want to creat Your YouTube Channel Just a one pc/Mobile or internet connection.

And Now Your YouTube channel Start just few clicks.

Go To YouTube and Click on Sing in

Just Sing in Using Your Google Account.

click on the user icon at the top right of the screen.

Click on the gear icon to get to your account’s YouTube Settings.

Click on Create a new channel.

Then choose “Use a business or other name”

Add your Brand name and click create.

Now Your YouTube Account Created Successfully Just wants to customized Your Channel

Its basic video from YouTube creator community but its useful for u just you can grab some knowledge.

Now Time To Customized channel………..

Customize Channel

Click on User Icon and Go to my Channel Option or Click customization And Now Start customization.


Branding is much important for your business.

On YouTube Your branding represent your channel icon and your channel banner. If You Want to make image on user mind so make sure your branding clear on user mind.

So Represent your branding

  1. Brand Logo

The Channel Icon means Your Brand Logo represent your channel identity.

So go and choose a smart looking representative clear channel icon for your YouTube channel.

You can make a great looking Logo or can use own your pics.

I means choose wich one represent your channel niche and your channel identity.

Keep in mind your channel icon is a brand icon so think about and choose your brand icon.

Because you can’t change again and again your brand icon because its represent your brand.


2. Channel Banner

You have seen in many channel when you visit any channel so you’ll immediately be greeted with a large banner displaying the channel name. This is your cover photo and is prime real estate for introducing your brand.

You want to make a eye caching clear and representative channel banner because its first thing user will see when he visited.


YouTube recommends uploading your cover photo at 2560 x 1440 pixels with a maximum file size of 4MB.

So make a good and great looking channel banner and keep in mind what your niche.

channel banner makes first impression in user mind about Your channel. So keep in mind your branding and make it. and put it on Your channel banner.

YouTube channel banner

Now You Can watch This Video this is a awesome video from YouTube Creator community. this video help u for understand your brand icon and channel banner.

Now Time To Move Other customizations Things…………….


Fill Channel About Section

Hey you have successfully done channel art and channel icon so now time to move on your channel About Section.

Go on last tab about.

You want to write about your brand and channel on the about section.

First thing on your channel after your branding is about section.

You want to describe about your branding your channel and your profile.

And also describe  what viewers can expect to see on your channel.

This is also a great place to add links to your website and other social media networks that you use.

This description will appear in more than one place on your channel, so be sure to put your best foot forward when filling it out!


And Try to describe your brand and channel in simply.

You can also enter your business email for contact and your Facebook twitter etc link on here for connecting fans.

I highly recommend to give your social media links here for following so people can follow you and you can share your videos on social network and can get grow.

An introduce with YouTube policies and guidelines for your content

The YouTube Policies and guidelines very useful or you.

If You want a successful youtuber then you want to keep in mind YouTube policies.

because YouTube give a platform where you want to do work but if you not doing like YouTube guidelines you will fire from YouTube.

Many people start creating videos and forget to read guidelines and policies its very bad thing.

Always creat content with YouTube recommendation so you will become a successful YouTuber otherwise your content got ban and your channel got strike or ban.

Here quick video for introducing YouTube policies and guidelines……………



Know your market, know your content type

Yeah now your channel ready for your content but now time to think about your market and your content type.

Yes First go and analyse your market where you want to start and think about your content what you want to creat.

Go and check on market wich things going popular and trending. and if when you got your market things and you know what type content going popular and trending on your market.

People loves wich type content on your niche so go and think about what content you can creat.


Since you’re starting a YouTube channel for your own business, you should have more than enough source material to work with, and you can approach your video content in more than one way.

If you have a complex product and want to empower your customers to learn more about it, video tutorials might be a great avenue for you.

Want to show off great reviews from your customers? Testimonials may be the way to go.

Even better, do both! This way, your channel has a variety of content to consume, which can resonate with different viewers.

You should also create content that’s aimed at your target demographic of your business. The more that you cater to your target market, the more likely they will want to look into your business services.

Search and discovery on YouTube

Now Time to understand YouTube algorithm so i have a video from YouTube Creator community in this video You can learn how to YouTube search algorithm work.

Now you learn how your video on YouTube can find. You have learn how search algorithm works.

Its very important thing for your success because when you understand how to work this algorithm so you can make this type video.

And when people getting your video so they starting to watch.

Now i am moving other thing……………………………

Lights, camera, trailer!

Its Light camera action time for your trailer.

You have done with channel art channel icon about section etc.

Now time to shoot first video your channel trailer video.

You want to creat a great looking clear and short video where you want to describe your channel.

As you seen many movies trailer so you want to creat own your business channel trailer.

Channel trailers are usually short and sweet, and are a good introduction for new visitors.

Its very helpful for new visiter. because this describe your channel in few seconds.

and if your trailer like viewer so user go and watch more videos otherwise user left from your channel.

You can let your audience know who you are, what your business is all about and what kind of content they can expect to see in the future.

Creating your channel trailer will also be good practice leading up to your first video.


Lest move on uploading your first official video………………….

how to upload video on YouTube

Now   you’ve probably done a fair amount of research about your first video, and if you already have your channel trailer under your belt, you have a bit of practice as well! Now it’s time to take and  “action.”

Once you have done shoot and editing your first video, it’s time to upload it.

Now i have new question how to upload video on YouTube.

So now i teach you how to upload video on YouTube.

On YouTube have one upload option on right corner click icon and you will see 2 option click on upload video.

Then Select file to upload after successful upload.

Write smart Title & descriptions and  Optimize for search

When uploading a video you will ask for a title and description  tags.

These are essential components to have your video easily discoverable in YouTube search, so don’t skip on them!

Now seo your video like your website. find a batter keywords for describe g your video and business batter.

YouTube has its own set of parameters for you to optimize your video for search.

Fill these sections out to the best of your ability using keywords to describe the video and your business.

A keyword-rich (but not heavy) title and description can go a long way and you’ll be able to see what works for your videos as you progress.

If you have optimized your video batter for YouTube itself so this can extend your searches  on YouTube as well.

As a Google-owned product, YouTube has tight integration with the search giant.

If your video coming on search so you know people watching and your video getting more traffic and more views.

And your business going.

i have a video for you from this video you can understand batter…………

I hope you under stand batter now about title descriptions and tags.

Now time to make user experience batter……….

Make effective thumbnails

YouTube given one option where you can add extra thumbnails for your video.

effective thumbnails can grab more views.

Thumbnails describe also about your video so make a effective thumbnails for your video. so you can get batter


here have a video so watch and understand batter about thumbnails.

Let cards and end screens do the work

YouTube is a great platform for videos and YouTube wants to great success YouTube creators.

so YouTube given 3 more extra things for you.

you can use and get more views on your other videos and also can get subscriber.

On Your video you have option to add more videos and subscribe botton. On YouTube have card option.

When your video going end this start showing user.

Just go and add here you can add subscribe button Your playlist, Your website, your old videos etc.

Just watch this video and learn how to add this on your video so lets dive on this…………..

Keep your channel fresh with uploads and playlists

Keep Your channel fresh wow sound good but you want to know how you can make fresh channel.

here fresh means make your channel new video easier.

You want to make your videos playlist for fast finding.

Means user can choose playlist and can find faster new videos and other type on videos on your channel.

Like all your videos not same topic so make a playlist so user can find videos faster.

Make it home also easier add uploads first and popular and add best playlist down.

Means now you can edit row as you want so do like this for batter experience.

Here have one video for you ……………….

I hope you understand batter from Video.

Now i am moving in very important part again ……

Get insights with YouTube Analytics

Its really very important park yu want to understand your audience so use this.

1. how your channel doing

You want to know how your channel doing.means you want data how your YouTube channel doing people liking your channel or not etc.

so you want to use YouTube analytics and want to see this.

One successful man doing this always they want to know about work and they check daily how channel doing and what people like and dislike.


Yo want to try this …………….

Pull up your channel’s YouTube Analytics Views reports from the past 30 days.

Do you notice any spikes or unusual looking graphs? If so, why do you think those changes occurred?


Look at your channel’s YouTube Analytics Interaction reports from the last six months.

Do you see any patterns in likes, favorites, comments, or sharing? What do those videos have in common?

Name two reports that are most important for your channel.

What surprising things have you learned about your audience or viewership based on these reports?

For batter understanding watch video ……
I hope you understand how doing your channel.
Now moving next step. ……………………..

2. Who’s watching my channel?

Now time to know about who watch your channel.

Yes this is most important thing because you really want to know about your audience.

Try it …………

Look at the last 30 days of activity on your channel and list the top 3 traffic sourcesthat your viewers have used to find your videos.

How will you continue to promote your videos so viewers are finding them in your top sources?

List one traffic source where you would like to see more discovery of your video.

Explain how you might change the promotion your video through this traffic source.

What kind of devices and where on YouTube are your viewers watching your videos from? Check out your Devices and Playback locations reports.

How would you use this information to help you improve discovery of your videos?

For batter understanding watch this video…………..

3. Now time Understanding your video reach on YouTube

Watch this video and learn understanding your video reach on YouTube……..


Now you have learn everything about your videos so time to optimized and repeat.

So as your analytics result optimized more your videos content and seo make wich people like and remove wich people dislike.

repeat what you do first time and get batter and optimized more title descriptions tags more.


 Engage with your community

You need to build a community around your channel, and engaging with your viewers is a very important step.

Reply to comments, ask and answer questions, and most importantly, listen to them! Your viewers want to watch your content, so remember to give them what they want.

You need to focus on your community.

You want to big community for success so you can creat also on instagram Facebook or twitter your community.

But always keep in mind do some task ask some questions and reply comments.

so your community build batter or people want more connect with you.

Here have some videos on community so watch and learn…………

Connect with your community

Reach beyond YouTube

Foster a positive community

Interact with your audience with new Community posts


how to make money on YouTube

Now you have audience and time to make money with YouTube.

YouTube give you monetization option on your video or sponsorship option.

When You reached first YouTube Goal means you reach 1000 subscriber and 4000hour watch time then you can apply for monetization.

YouTube monetize your video with google ads and when anyone watch your video then showing ads on video and when anyone click on ads you will get money or impression money also you will get.

And sponsorship also have sponsors give you own products for review and advertize so you want to advertize and they will pay you.

Next thing for earning is affiliate market.

you want to join affiliate market and put your affiliate links on your discretion when anyone buy from link you will get commission from company.

So have a many type for earning money from YouTube.

but want audience first so focus on first audience and then  think about money.

Stay connect with your audience


Its really very important to always connect  with your audience.

Means if you uploading video on one week or other week so you have a own schedule but subscriber waiting for your videos.

So use your community tab and connect with your audience its important because your subscriber want news about your video etc.

So always chat go live and share details some and give excitement for your next video.

if you not connected with your audience so people forget you and undescribed your channel and you will loose your subscribers and you will got unsuccess on your business.

Copyright on YouTube

Copyright is one more thing you want to know about this.

If you use any music and video and other things not own so YouTube can  give you copyright strike on Your channel.

Always try to protect your content with copyright.

So dont use other channel band video or music on your video for avoiding copyright strike.

If you want use copyright music and content so ask owner and read more YouTube guidelines about this.


Share More engage more

If u want more traffic and subscriber on your channel so you need to share more Your content.

And Also always told your viewers for sharing. 

When your videos got more sharing on social media so you will got more subscriber, more viewers and more fan.

And its help to make your community bigger. 

always on end of your video told for subscribe and sharing and following.

And also you share on your social media account. If you not share your video on social media then you can get success on YouTube.

So make your Facebook page, share videos and also share on instagram twitter etc social media network.

collaboration with other creators

Yeah Now You reach 30k to 50k subscriber now people knowing you. Just find more YouTube creators go with other creators make collaboration videos and get more traffic.

because when you go other channel so other people can know you and they come on your channel and subscribing you or you got new fans.

always try to do collaboration with other popular or smaller YouTuber. 


People love gifts and you want to give gifts on your channel.

Yes do some giveaways on your channel so you can also grab more fans.

Now days giveaways on trends. So make smaller giveaway and gift your fans and get more love.

always honest and treat like friends  with your fan

If you want to get more success so always treat your fans like friends.

Yes if you treat like friend then people wants to connect with you and you got again new fans.

Always try to honest with fans.

Live Chat

If you making videos on a one week or month so try to go live and talk with your fans about your videos.

When you talk  with your fans about video so fans thinking about video and get exited about your new videos.

so always try to go live and do talk.


Dont think too much 

Just need to take action

Only think about your content and getup 

Follow all steps and become a YouTuber

I have cleard everything on this post.

You can become a biggest successful YouTuber. 

And can make your sefl business bigger.

Lets Take action dont waist Your Time. 


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